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    Forum Guidelines

    Post by Nameless on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:34 pm


    Arrow Starting a new topic/thread means a new discussion and whatever you start, is what will be discussed and to post your comment on it you click on "post reply" and then type your reply

    Arrow If a topic/thread is locked, then no more replies can be made to that particular topic unless it gets unlocked again by Moderators of that particular section of the board

    Arrow The forum board supports BBcode, it is related to Html code however its case you use [][/] instead of the <></> that you use on Html code.


    Bold= [ b ] Bold [ / b ]

    italic= [ i ] italic [ /i ]

    underline= [ u ] underline [ /u ]

    Colour = [color= "you colour name here" ] your text here [ / color] [ url ] the website url here [ / url ]

    link= [ url= website url here ] your text link here [ / url ]

    An image= [ img ] image url here [ / img ]

    PLEASE NOTE: When you post a url for link or image, you are required to also type in the entire address including protocol too, which is "http://" then your url.

    Coding links: [code ][ /code ]
    Typing it without the spaces it will look like this:

    Quoting a user: [ quote="quoted user's name here"] quoted text here [ /quote ]

    Here's an Example:
    Admin wrote:quoted text here

    You are able to quote by click on the "quote" button below the user's post that you want to quote.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you type or use all of the above Guidelines you type them without the spaces in between the words and on the tags [][/].

    For more BBcode follow this link

    Arrow The Forum has two interfaces, the Mobile interface which accommodates low res mobile founs or any other mobile however with limited features (for now its merely for just viewing the forum).

    - The second interface being the Desktop View(Classic View) which is for PCs and some high end phones, which also has all the forum features.

    I hope these few basics become handy. The rest, you will learn as you become used to Board.

    Now let us grow this community and have fun

    PS: Should you encounter any problems within the board, please feel free to send me or any Forum staff(Admin or Moderators etc) a Private Message.

    Thank you, and enjoy yourself.

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